SIAT Synthesized Video Quality Database

We develop a synthesized video quality database which includes ten different MVD sequences and 140 synthesized videos in 1024×768 and 1920×1088 resolution. For each sequence, 14 different texture/depth quantization combinations were used to generate the texture/depth view pairs with compression distortion. A total of 56 subjects participated in the experiment. Each synthesized sequence was rated by 40 subjects using single stimulus paradigm with continuous score. The Difference Mean Opinion Scores (DMOS) are provided.

SIAT Depth Quality Database

We develop a stereoscopic video depth quality database which includes ten different stereoscopic sequences and 160 distorted stereo videos in 1920×1080 resolution. The ten sequences are from the Nantes-Madrid-3D-Stereoscopic-V1 (NAMA3DS1) database. There are four categories of impairments in the NAMA3DS1 database which are H.264 coding, JPEG2000 coding, down-sampling and sharpening. However, only symmetric distortions are considered in NAMA3DS1 database. Since both symmetric and asymmetric distortions are necessary to study, we generate additional stereoscopic videos with asymmetric distortions. There are 90 symmetrically distorted video pairs and 70 asymmetrically distorted video pairs. 30 subjects (24 male, 6 female) participated in the symmetric distortion experiment and 24 subjects (19 male, 5 female) participated in the asymmetric distortion experiment.