Current Team Members


Professor, Ph. D., SMIEEE, Team Leader.
Research Interests: Multimedia Communications and Visual Signal Processing, Computational Visual Perception

Dr. Na LI

Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Intelligent video processing and analysis

Dr. Linwei Zhu

Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph. D. City University of Hong Kong
Research Interests: machine learning based video coding

Ms Chunling Fan

Ph. D. Student (2014-) of UCAS
Research Interests: Image Quality Assessment, Deep Learning

Ms Huan Zhang

Ph. D. Student (2015-) of UCAS
Research Interests: Image Restoration, sparse representation

Mr Keqin Ding

M.Sc. student(2020.7-) from UCAS
Research Interests: Dynamic point cloud compression

Miss Xinju Wu

M.Sc student (2018.9-) of UCAS
Research Interests: Point Cloud, 360-degree video

Mr Jinyong Pi

M.Sc. student(2018.7-) from UCAS
Research Interests: VR Video Coding Based Deep Learning

Miss Xuemei Zhou

M.Sc student(2018.9-)from UCAS
Research Interests: Image/video quality assessment, Machine learning

Mr Haoqin Lin

M.Sc. student(2020.7-) from UCAS
Research Interests: Video coding

Mr Changjian Ding

M.Sc. student(2020.7-) from UCAS
Research Interests: Hdr video coding


Mr Xiangkai Liu

Visiting Ph. D. (2014.6-2016.1)
Multimedia Algorithm Engineer, ZTE, Chengdu
Research Interests: 2D/3D Video quality assessment

Mr Xiaoxiang Yang

Visiting M.Sc. (2013.12-2015.6) from NBU
Architecture Video Engineer, UcPaas, Shenzhen (2015.6-)
Research Interests: 3-D depth video coding and video codec optimization

Mr Zuqing Xie

Visiting M.Sc. (2014.7-2016.1) from USTC
Software engineer, Tencent, Shenzhen

Mr Weidong Yao

Visiting M.Sc. student (2015-) from SWJTU
Representative work: VR Video-on-demand system

Mr Fan Zhang

Visiting M.Sc. student(2017.7-) from USTC
Software Engineer ,PC/Mobile Platform Multimedia System Developer

Mr Huanhua Liu

Visiting Ph. D student(2017.4-) from CSU
Research Interests: HD/UHD Image and Video Quality Assessment

Miss Xiaoyan Liu

M.Sc. student (2017.8-) from UCAS
Research Interests: Video Coding

Miss Qi Guo

Visiting M.Sc. student(2019.3-) from XATU
Software Engineer ,Image Coding System Developer