December 2020 Congratulations to Ms. Xinju Wu on her Audio Video coding Standard (AVS) input documents M6064 "Response to N2591" and M6065 "Subjective quality evaluation dataset of point clouds for human vision tasks" accepted by Quality Assessment Group of AVS.

Fig. 1 Some test sequences of point clouds

The input document M6064 responses to N2591 from hardware for displaying, rendering methods, training methods for experimental guidance, subjective methodologies, and data processing.

The input document M6065 proposes a subjective point cloud quality database (SIAT-PCQD) in the immersive VR environment with six degrees of freedom, as shown in Fig. 1. This database consists of 340 distorted point clouds compressed by V-PCC with the combination of 20 sequences and 17 pairs of geometry and texture quantization parameters.