January 2021 Prof. Yun Zhang organized the special Issue "Advances in Deep-Learning-Based Sensing, Imaging, and Video Processing". Welcome to submit your research papers.

Fig. 1 Display interface of Special Issue

Deep learning techniques are capable of discovering knowledge from massive unstructured data and providing data-driven solutions. They have significantly improved technical advancements in many research fields and applications, such as audio-visual signal processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition. Additionally, deep learning and its improved techniques are expected to be included in future sensors and imaging systems.

Today, with the rapid development of advanced deep learning models and techniques, such as GAN, DNN, RNN, and LSTM, and the increasing demands around the effectiveness of visual signal processing, new opportunities are emerging in advances in deep-learning-based sensing, imaging, and video processing. This Special Issue aims at promoting cutting-edge research along this direction and offering a timely collection of works for researchers. We welcome high-quality original submissions related to advances in deep-learning-based sensing, imaging, and video processing.

As shown in Fig. 1, topics of interest include, but are not limited to

. Deep learning theory, framework, database, and learning optimization;

. Deep-learning-based remote sensing, multispectral, and/or high spectral sensing;

. Deep-learning-based computational imaging and pre-processing;

. Deep-learning-based visual perceptual model and quality assessment metrics;

. Deep-learning-based image/video compression and communication;

. Deep-learning-based 3D/multiview sensing, imaging, and video processing;

. Deep-learning-based depth sensing and estimation;

. Deep-learning-based image/video rendering, reconstruction, and enhancement;

. Deep-learning-based visual object detection, tracking, and understanding;

. Low complexity optimizations on deep-learning-based sensing, imaging and video processing;

. Other advanced deep-learning-based visual sensing and signal processing.

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