July 2021 Congratulations to Ms. Xinju Wu on her paper“Subjective Quality Database and Objective Study of Compressed Point Clouds with 6DoF Head-mounted Display” was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

Fig. 1. The thumbnail images of the sequences used in our experiment.

Fig. 2 The framework of the proposed patch projection based PCQA method.

In this paper, we focus on subjective and objective Point Cloud Quality Assessment (PCQA) in an immersive environment and study the effect of geometry and texture attributes in compression distortion. Using a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) with six degrees of freedom, we establish a subjective PCQA database, named SIAT Point Cloud Quality Database (SIAT-PCQD). Our database consists of 340 distorted point clouds compressed by the MPEG point cloud encoder with the combination of 20 sequences and 17 pairs of geometry and texture quantization parameters. The impact of distorted geometry and texture attributes is further discussed in this paper. Then, we propose two projection-based objective quality evaluation methods, i.e., a weighted view projection based model and a patch projection based model. Our subjective database and findings can be used in point cloud processing, transmission, and coding, especially for virtual reality applications. The subjective dataset1 2 has been released in the public repository.